Quick Goodbyn Croissant Bento Lunch

Back to school time with a high school boy means figuring out more ways to pack more food.

I've been using our Goodbyn Hero box a lot lately, since it holds the most food out of ay of the boxes I own.  I'm thinking I may need to order another one, so it's easier to pack daily.

In this lunch, I made the boy a couple of croissant sandwiches.  I usually purchase mini or large croissants at Sam's, but was at a different store and they had mid-size croissants instead.  Each sandwich has ham, turkey, and white cheddar cheese on it, along with mayo since he prefers his sandwiches with mayo lately.

For a side, I had purchased raspberries and stuffed them with some chocolate chips like I did when he was little.  I also added parmesan Goldfish cracker to the remaining container for a second side.

As mentioned, lunch is packed in a Goodbyn Hero box.  I also sent along a few smaller containers with extra snacks for him since he is always hungry, and officially taller than I am!