Chef Salad Bento Lunch

Always a favorite for my girl--a big salad in lieu of sandwiches or other main courses for lunch.

We don't do anything special for these, each one is a bit different based on what is in the fridge, but I never have any complaints.

In this salad, I used lettuce, carrot, and the remains of a cucumber for the base.  For proteins, we added boiled egg slices, bacon, shredded cheese, and some popcorn chicken bits.  On the bototm, she chose a container of ranch dressing as a topper, and some white cheddar crisps as a snack.

She also took a couple of shelf stable snacks, cookies and a granola bar, in case she got hungry later on.  Lunch is packed in a Goodbyn Hero Box, including the small dipping container.


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