Snack Style Bento Lunch

So you're looking to pack a lunch for your toddler or your 17 year old high school senior/college sophomore who eats like a toddler? I've got you covered!

We joke that the girl eats like a toddler and this lunch was no exception.  On the plus side, it did make her happy, so that's always a win.

In this lunch, I packed her two mini wrap sandwiches on Mission Street Tacos Flour Tortillas, with ham, cheese, and a veggie cream cheese spread.  They hold together pretty well, but I skewered them with matryoshka picks, just in case.

I added two silicone square muffin cups and filled one with cheddar Goldfish crackers and the other with a few chunks of Monterey Jack cheese.  I also added an applesauce pouch because I didn't realize I was out of fruit until I went to pack lunches.  Lunch is packed in a Tupperware sandwich box, this one happens to be Kung Fu Panda.


  1. Hi Shannon,I really appreciate your idea of packing the lunch boxes and will surely spread to my family and friends.The kids will have a big smile on their face after they open their lunch box in the interval. I am looking forward for some more tricks like this from you in future. Cheers!

  2. Sometimes I still eat like a toddler! We all need comfort food sometimes.


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