Taco Muffin Bento Lunch

The joys of feeding a teenage boy!

How much food will it take for him not to come home starving to death by 3:30 pm?  That is the question of most days.  I have taken to trying to up the amount of protein, plus sending lots of extra snacks that aren't perishable.

In this lunch, I packed three taco muffins for him.  (Recipe for taco muffins is in this post.)  They have access to a microwave at school and he was able to heat them up for himself.  Even though they have quite a bit of both taco meat and cheese in them, I added two boiled eggs to make sure we had enough protein.

To the right, I opted for apple slices and some cheddar grooved crackers.  Not shown, I always send yogurt, a cheese stick, plus some other snacks like cookies that can hold up all day long.  Lunch is packed in a Goodbyn Hero box.