Croissant Sandwich Bento Lunch

Some days are busier, some days are not.

The less interesting lunches stem from those busy days, but at least I know they are eating properly.  I miss the days where we definitely had time to do cute, fun lunches, as opposed to the "How much food means he won't be starving at 3pm and can I get this made before we all fall asleep?"  This lunch?  It was one of those busier days.

In this lunch, I managed to squeeze in a whole lot of food into just one box.  I had bought larger croissant on request from the kids, so I made a ham and turkey sandwich with cheese and mayo on one of those instead of the usual 2-3 smaller sandwiches.

Since there was just the one sandwich, I was able to fit a bunch of parmesan Goldfish crackers and a chocolate covered granola bar (cut in half) in the same compartment.  To the right, I added two boiled eggs and two sliced kiwis.  Lunch is packed in a Goodbyn Hero box.