Panda Themed Bento Lunch

Even if I don't always have the time for super cute lunches, a few add ons go a long way.

And everyone in my house loves pandas, so we've got plenty of panda accents for bento lunches.

As usual, based on the amount of food, this lunch belonged to my son.   I am about 99% sure that my daughter wouldn't eat four sandwiches in two days, much less one.

In the left compartment, I made mini wraps with the Mission Street Tacos Flour Tortillas I keep raving about. They are the perfect size for lunchboxes and they are super soft flour so they wrap well without tearing.  In this particular lunch, I made two ham and two turkey wraps, with cheese and some veggie & herb cream cheese to help seal them.  I skewered those with panda picks to hold them in place and because pandas are awesome.

To the right, I stuffed chocolate chips into raspberries for a treat and added a panda pick into those to pick them up.  Above that are filled panda cookies I buy at the Asian market.  Since this is Ben's lunch, he also took yogurt, cheese sticks, some crackers, and other assorted snacks to make it through the day.  Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes.