Another Christmas Bento Lunch

We're actually super close to our holiday break--our school actually finishes up earlier than most.  But I had to do at least one more holiday lunch for my boy since his sister got one the other week.

We still need to bake Christmas cookies and other fun stuff, so I'm looking forward to the break.

In this lunch, I made a ham, turkey, and roast beef sandwich with cheddar on honey wheat for my boy.  Since he's always hungry, minimizing the sandwich by cutting shapes isn't the best plan.  Instead, I used some spare cheddar cheese to cut a Christmas tree and some white cheddar for decorations.  The star is inset into the tree, the candy canes are just stuck on top.

Below the sandwich, I added some cookies and some pretzel sticks, separated from the sandwich with a couple of square silicone cups.  To the right, he had some of our favorite loaded potato salad from Sam's and some apple slices.  After taking photos of the lunch, I put a fork in the main compartment for the potato salad.  Lunch is packed in a Goodbyn Hero Box.