A Pre-Quarantine Bento Lunch

So ... how's your quarantine been?

Ours, like everyone else's, has been full of homemade food, but without a whole lot of packed and prepped lunches.  There was also a very sad mishap involving my laptop and a cup of coffee, which necessitated a new laptop purchase.  In the midst of setting up the new laptop and transferring files the hard way, I found a couple of pre-quarantine lunch photos that I had yet to blog.

So back when life was normal, I had made this bento lunch for the girl and found it super cute for a change.  A lot of our last few months of lunches were plain and not really anything worth sharing.   This one actually reminded me more of the lunches I would make when she was little, so I had to take photos.

The tea sandwiches are ham and cheddar on honey-wheat bread, with a little bit of mayo.  I made the tea sandwiches using ruffled square cookie cutters on the bread and fillings individually, so they all had the nice edges.  For the size sandwiches, it actually took three slices of bread, with the border collie happily hanging with out in the kitchen for the crusts.  Each one is skewered with a cute nature-themed pick; all but the duck pick are from the same set.

To round out the lunch, since it is for the girl, I added green grapes skewered with a bunny pick (from a third set of picks) and some Goldfish pretzel crackers.  Since this lunch was from a lifetime ago, I'm not sure what else she might have taken.  I assume there was likely a granola bar in her bag too, because I always send a treat or two.  Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes.


  1. Ah, my quarantine...I am about 10 weeks into it at this point. I miss my lunch packing blog posts but I have found that blogging my meals in spite of the fact that I'm just eating at home is soothing somehow. I'm struggling to find ways to combine the ingredients I can get, and my energy is frequently close to nonexistent. It is a strange life, and there is no clear end in sight for it. But I'm grateful to be in stasis instead of swirling down the drain. I am thinking of this time like being in an airport: If I pass the time, it's fine, no matter what. I can do it productively and that's great, but it's a bonus. All I have to do--the only thing that matters--is to pass the time and stay healthy and sane. So that's what I'm doing.

    I hope you're holding up, too, in the midst of all this mess. I love the picks you've chosen here! So cute!

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  3. Hey, our quarantine is going nice as in my family we all are working and we get very less time to sit together..... I hope you are also doing well in this quarantine.... I must say this lunch is very cute and my brother's daughter like your picture very much and she was saying she also want this type of lunch when schools going to be open. She is very excited as well for this cute lunch. Thanks for sharing this. I also do blogging on healthy food in your free time please give a look www.talksdaily.com


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