Another Pre-Quarantine Bento Lunch

I found another pre-quarantine lunch I hadn't blogged yet.

It was so simple and cute and made me miss when life was normal and we weren't all stuck at home all day, every day.  I keep looking at what we are eating and trying to think if I could make a blog post out of it or not.  I might just have to force the kids to let me create a few things so I have new ideas (not like they're going to refuse food being handed to them).

I no longer have a remote clue when this photo was taken.  I do know that it belongs to my son because of the blueberries, as my daughter has never been a big fan.  It's also rare that she would want two sets of fruits too.

The sandwich should be black pepper turkey and muenster cheese on honey wheat bread.  I zoomed in and was able to see the fillings, and I know what I usually buy!  It's cut with my favorite dinosaur cutter, of course.

To the right, we've got blueberries and grapes, and between the dinosaurs, a chocolate chip granola bar.  Since it was my son's, there would have been extra food not pictured--typically a yogurt, an applesauce, a cheese stick, and some sort of chips/pretzels/crackers.  This many months later?  Your guess is as good as mine as to the rest of it.  Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes.