Back to School Bento Lunch

It's been quite awhile since I've had to make any kind of bento lunch, thanks to quarantine.  

And even now, with the way things are set up in terms of school, I only have one kid needing one lunch one day per week.  I suppose I could make lunches for them to enjoy at home, like I did when they were toddlers.  But they usually make their own lunches at the house, and both of them actually cook, so sometimes I get really nice breakfasts and lunches out of the deal.

So for awhile, it might just be one lunch per week.

Anyhow, this was the boy's first day of 10th grade lunch.  We have gone a long since we had the cute lunches with the bits and pieces of things for my two year old.  My now 15 year old is taller than I am and requires a lot of food.  I've switched to mostly using a couple of our largest Goodbyn boxes for him, simply because they hold the most food in a single container.

In this lunch, he has an assorted sub style sandwich on honey wheat bread.  On the day I made it, we had salami, ham, and turkey open, so there's some of each of those.  There's also marble cheese and mayo, no lettuce because of sogginess.  The sandwich is cut in triangles to maximize space in the box.

Below the sandwich are two of the chocolate zucchini muffins I made a few days prior to the lunch.  To the right, he has some of our favorite loaded baked potato salad we buy in the deli section at Sam's, along with some grapes.  I did tuck a small fork in by the sandwich and muffins for the potato salad.

Lunch is packed in a Goodbyn Hero box, which is the largest single container bento we currently own.


  1. These are such weird times. I haven't packed a lunch for myself since March. I'm making the best of things, and trying to give myself grace. Stay safe!

    1. Thanks! It's been a weird 6 months for sure. I've hit the point where everyone is responsible for their own breakfast, their own lunch, and take turns on dinner. ;)


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