The Second Week of School Bento Lunch

Week 2 of school for the boy and we're still packing plenty of food.

We discovered that the district is offering free lunches in September for all students, and he's a little excited about the prospect of double lunches.  This also means that I can try some smaller ideas since he'll have double the food.  But since we learned that after I had made this lunch, he just ate a whole bunch of food last week.

Once again, we opted for a larger box because it gave me more room to add extra food.  

In this lunch, I made him a pastrami and turkey sandwich with white cheddar cheese.  I had bought awesome caramelized onion naan rounds, so I used two of those for his sandwich bread.  Due to the shape of the box, I cut them in half which made it easier to pack.

In the lower compartment, we used out the end of the grapes we had bought.  I pack the middle compartment in the morning before he leaves, so I opted for little chocolate bear cookies and pretzel sticks.  Had he not planned on double lunch, I would have added more substantial food in this area.

Lunch is packed in a Goodbyn Bynto box.


  1. Double lunches makes me laugh for some reason!

  2. Such a nice idea for kids lunch with a healthy twist
    Thanks for sharing!!!


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