Pocket Sandwiches Bento Lunch

With the current one day per week programming, and lunch being offered to all students, I'm not making quite as many lunches as I thought I might be.  

But when the opportunity arises, I may as well take it, especially when my son has a specific request.  In this case, he asked for some kind of pocket sandwiches--chicken, ham, egg salad, just some kind.

So, easy enough!  I definitely don't object to suggestions.  And since he also had every intention of eating the second lunch at school, I didn't need to make a ton of food either.

We had some leftover chicken in a tomato/garlic/wine marinade, so I discarded the liquid and used that for the chicken salad.  I just ground it in a mini-chopper and added mayo since it was nicely seasoned to start. The pockets are made from honey-wheat bread and pressed with a Pampered Chef Cutter.  Since we don't like waste, we used the edges to make egg in a hole for breakfast.

To the right, I added green grapes, pretzels, and a granola bar cut in two and stacked.  Since it looked super boring, I tossed in some cute sea critter picks to liven it all up.  The box is actually a Cat & Jack box I bought at Target two years ago.  They come out around back-to-school time in a few different colors.


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