Back-to-School Bento Lunch

We have high hopes that this year is going to get a little more back to normal.  Classes ended around Thanksgiving for us, and didn't start up again until January.  

While we've had plenty of lunches, we really had no need for a packed lunch for awhile.  But finally, we've got places to go and food to take!

This lunch is for my boy, which should be pretty evident based on the sheer amount of food.

To start, we made sub sandwiches on naan bread sandwich rounds.  This one has ham, pastrami, and roast beef, two kinds of cheese, cheddar and marble, plus some mayo.  These rounds make for great sandwiches, or mini pizza crusts in a pinch.

The middle compartment has two choices of fruit--blueberries and these awesomely large grapes we found.  I use silicone cupcake squares to keep them separate.  

The bottom compartment is all pretzels, but we tossed a granola bar on top of it at the last minute for a sweet treat too.

Lunch is packed in a Goodbyn Bynto box, it's one of the few we have found that holds enough food for a teen boy.