Everyone Loves Pandas Bento Lunch

We haven't had much time for cute lunches lately, and I was feeling like we needed one.

Thankfully, everyone's still cooperative when it comes to cute, as long as it doesn't interfere with the amount of food that's in the lunch, so I figured it was time for a few cute panda picks in our lunches.

In this lunch, I had made a really good chicken salad.  We had leftover chicken breast that had been marinated in a tomato-basil marinade that I thought would make a salad.  I brushed off the excess liquid marinade, then used the chicken in my mini food processor to shred it well.  I mixed that with mayo, some black pepper, and some garlic powder, and we ended up with a perfect salad.

Ben's sandwich is made with that chicken salad on honey-wheat bread, cut in half and skewered with a couple of panda picks.  To the right, I added a couple of boiled eggs (with black pepper) for extra protein, and some sliced strawberries with another panda pick.  As usual, Ben took a variety of snacks and other items to fill out his lunch, especially now that jazz rehearsal is immediately after school.

Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes.