Quick Sub Sandwich Bento

The boy requested sub sandwiches and it happened to coincide with a week that my husband mentioned he'd be needing lunch.

Grocery store to the rescue when I found a bag of awesome sub bread that was perfect for sandwiches.  Both of them took lunches with them, but my husband's had to be wrapped to fit in his bag, so only the boy's was worth taking a picture.

It's not the most exciting lunch ever, but apparently, the sandwich was really really good.

In this lunch, Ben took a sub sandwich on the fluffy white sub rolls I bought.  I used a mixture of ham, chicken, roast beef, and turkey pastrami on each, along with plenty of mayo and havarti cheese.  My husband also had lettuce, onion, and banana peppers on his, but Ben prefers his this way.

To the bottom, I added grapes and almond poppyseed muffins, and he took some other snacks along with him.  Lunch is packed in a Goodbyn Hero box since it was the only box we own that could hold the sandwich!