Mini Roll-ups and Elephants Bento Lunch

Because of all the years that my son was obsessed with elephants, I have a fairly good selection of elephant bento accessories.  

While I do make less cute lunches now, this lunch needed some food picks to keep things together, and he was amenable to me using the elephant picks, so I could get some blog photos for a change.

In this lunch, I made several roll-up sandwiches.  We are obsessed with the street taco soft tortillas from Mission Foods, and they are perfect for mini sandwiches.  These ones are either deli pastrami or deli roast beef, along with cheese and mayo. Just layer, roll up, and skewer with a pick to hold them in place.

To the right, I added a few fresh fruits, grapes and sliced strawberries, once again skewered with some various elephant picks.  Not pictured, he took yogurt, granola bars, and some pretzels.

Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes


  1. Amazing post. I have never seen like this recipes for kids. Thanks for Sharing. Keep Posting.


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