Finishing the School Year Bento Lunch

Our charter program ends fairly early in the year, with the last couple of weeks consisting of special events that also including lunch, so I'm thinking this may be the last actual lunch the school year.

So for the final lunch, I went with what works.  There's a roast beef and pastrami sandwich on naan rounds, with havarti cheese and mayo of course, cut in half to fit the box better.  There's purple grapes, since both my husband and son complained that I only buy green grapes.  The middle section has vanilla Oreos and cheddar Goldfish crackers.  And not pictured, there's yogurt, and a granola bar, and a cheese stick, and some various other snacks to hold off starvation.  (Also our charter offers free school lunch and he eats that too, growing boys and all that jazz.)

Lunch is packed in a Goodbyn Bynto box.