Another Day, Another Adult Lunchable

Day two of blogging adult lunchables and simple ideas.  This might even be better than blogging what I used to make for the kids since this is so much simpler as no one needs anything extra cute.

Today's adult lunchable features:

Sharp white cheddar cheese (2 oz, 210 calories)

Smoked sausage slices (2 oz., 160 calories)

Pineapple chunks (1/3 cup, 50 calories)

Carrot sticks (5 sticks, cut in half, 15 calories)


Box total calories are approximately 435 cal.

Once again, the total cost is a bit hard to estimate as the cheese, carrots, and sausage I already had on hand.  I will have to start keeping track once I use out the food that is currently in the fridge.  Based on my own shopping preferences, I would be shocked if it was more than $3.  Most of the items are only purchased on sale.  For the cheese? I highly recommend looking for the under $5 section at the deli.  We get smaller chunks of different kinds of cheeses for a couple of dollars which is perfect for lunches or sampling!

This lunch is packed in a Paperchase bento box that I've had for years.  After searching a few places, I can't seem to find the exact box, but these 3 Sprouts Bento Boxes on Amazon have a fairly similar layout to them.  

I also added a small container of ranch dressing, not pictured.  That is packed in these melii Snap and Go Storage containers.  I found them at Ross for $6 for six.  They are meant for baby food, but the screw top lids made them perfect for dressings too, so we wash and refill them for on the go meals.

The little elephant fork is leftover from when the kids were small and was added to get the food out of the container without having to make a mess.  If you'd like them because they are kind of cute and everyone needs something simple and cute, this pack on Amazon has the elephants, plus giraffes, lions, bunnies, and some other cute animals in quantity for just $5.