An Egg Salad Adult Lunchable

We were in the mood for boiled eggs, so I went ahead and boiled an 18 count box of them the two nights ago.  I figure we will make some egg salad and use some for a basic protein addition in our lunches.

Today's adult lunchable features:

Egg salad (1 boiled egg and 1 Tbsp. of mayo, 171 cal.)

Naan bread dippers (3 dippers, 90 cal.)

Cherry tomatoes with  ranch dressing (7 tomatoes, 1 Tbsp. ranch, 70 cal.)

Cucumber slices (1/2 cup, 10 cal.)


Total calories for the box are approximately 341 cal.

For costs, I bought a box of the naan dippers for $4.50, so $0.22 cents each or $0.66 for three.  An egg would be about $0.15 since I only buy eggs on super sale.  The tomatoes were about $0.075 each, so $0.52, and the cucumber is maybe $0.25 worth.  Let's throw in maybe $0.20 for the ranch and mayo in case, and we're at about $1.78.  I'm fairly certain I'm overestimating the cucumber, egg, ranch, and mayo, but it's really hard to remember what I paid for fridge staples.

This box is an EasyLunchboxes Snack Box again.  They are available on Amazon for $12 for a 4-pack and  work nicely for the multiple items with sauces and dressings.