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We had a few boiled eggs left after making snack boxes for my husband, so I decided that another round of egg salad sounded good to me.  Sometimes, you just crave something weird and happen to have it in the house!

Today's adult lunchable features:

Egg salad (1 boiled egg and 1 Tbsp. of mayo, 171 cal.)

Naan bread dippers (3 dippers, 90 cal.)

Strawberries (1/2 cup, 25 cal.)

Baby carrots (12 carrots, 48 cal.)


Total calories for the box are approximately 334 cal.

I bought a box of the naan dippers for $4.50, so $0.22 cents each or $0.66 for three.  An egg would be about $0.15 since I only buy eggs on super sale.  Add an extra $0.10 for the mayo in the big jar in the fridge.  Baby carrots are $1.25 for a 1 lb bag with on average 35 carrots per bag.  That's about $0.42 for the carrots (1/3 of the bag, give or take). I've been estimating the strawberries at maybe $0.45 as well.  That puts me around $1.78 for this box.

This box is an EasyLunchboxes Snack Box yet again.  They are available on Amazon for $12 for a 4-pack and are totally worth the investment.  I have two sets of 4 so I can premake lunches or at least parts of lunches.