Leftover Gyoza Adult Lunchable

We grabbed a late lunch yesterday at our favorite local Japanese place and ordered gyoza as an appetizer.  It was also my pick for my lunch bento (salad, soup, rice, and three picks from a list).  In my head, I knew if we didn't finish, they would be great for a lunch too.

Today's adult lunchable features:

4 pork and veggie gyoza (4 dumplings, 320 cal.)

Cucumber slices (1/2 cup, 10 cal.)

Strawberry slices (1/2 cup, 30 cal.)


Box total calories are approximately 360 cal.

The total cost is just a guess since the gyoza were leftover from our lunch yesterday.  The strawberries maybe $0.45 and the cucumber, I've been guessing at about $0.25.  Maybe $3 for the gyoza since they are restaurant leftovers.  It would definitely be less if you bought and cooked the gyoza at home though!  Let's call this one $3.70 with the note that restaurant prices are higher than cooking.

This lunch is packed in my Paperchase bento box that I've had for years.  These 3 Sprouts Bento Boxes on Amazon have a fairly similar layout to them, but the Paperchase one has removable containers which I kind of like.

The little green bear is actually a teeny tiny fork.  It makes moving the strawberries so much easier since they are sliced already.  If you're interested in those, it's very similar to these animal fork picks on Amazon for about $5.