More Meal Prep Guy Snacks

After the first protein boxes for my husband went over well, I made a second round.  He took one a day for a mid morning snack and said that it worked out nicely for him.  For this round, he asked for a double fruit choice instead of three protein, one fruit.  Easy enough!

Today's adult lunchable features:

Rolled up deli ham (10 pieces, 90 cal.)

Purple grapes (1/2 cup, 55 cal.)

Boiled egg (1 egg, 78 cal.)

Strawberries (1/2 cup, 25 cal.)


Total calories for the box are approximately 248 calories.

For costs, the ham was from a larger pack, so about $0.70 for that The half cup grapes weigh about 3 oz, so $0.33 for grapes, and $0.15 for the egg. The strawberries are around $0.45.  Total cost for this lunch is $1.63

Once again, for comparison, our grocery has:

$5 - chicken salad, grapes, cheese, flatbread, whole box weighed 5.52 oz
$4.59 - apples, boiled egg, cheeses, cranberries and almonds, whole box weighed 7.35 oz.
$4.59 - apples, cheese, turkey pepperoni bites, cranberries, whole box weighed 6.75 oz.

These boxes are EasyLunchboxes Snack Box once again. Grab them on Amazon for about $12 for a 4-pack.  Once again, I prepped 4 boxes at once based on my husband's work schedule.  They were stacked up in the fridge, but I skipped taking a picture of it because it looked just like last week.