Time for a Girl Lunch

Since my oldest had to work today for a couple hours, I offered to make her a quick snack lunch to take with her.  I went through my cabinets a couple nights ago in order to see what kinds of lunch packing supplies I still had.  I saved a lot of good stuff, so that's making our girl lunch plan so much easier.

Adult lunchable with mild cheddar cheese, pepperoni rolls, strawberries, and cucumbers with ranch, packed in a blue Tupperware hinged box

Today's adult lunchable features:

Mild cheddar cheese chunks (1 oz., 110 calories)

Pepperoni and mozzarella rolls (2 full rolls, 180 calories)

Strawberry slices (3 medium, 15 calories)

Cucumber rounds with ranch dressing (5 slices with a tbsp. of ranch, 60 calories)


Box total calories are approximately 365 cal. 

Once again, cost is harder to estimate since I had a bunch of the pepperoni/mozzarella rolls in the freezer that I bought on sale.  The cheddar is another find in the deli under $5 section which is a favorite of ours.

This box is actually a Tupperware brand Sandwich Keeper.  I bought it years ago because it has Wonder Woman on the top and came with some other Wonder Woman containers.  We also have a Kung Fu Panda one.  They don't sell those particular patterns anymore, but the box style is still available on Amazon and other places.

In order to keep the food separate, I used Wilton Square Silicone Baking Cups. Once again, I've had mine for years, but they are available on Amazon.  I love these for separating food in single compartment containers, and four of them work super well in most larger square containers I own.  Two also works nicely in a rectangular container if you have something more stable, like a sandwich, in a larger area.