An Easy Girl Lunch and a Gardening Challenge

Besides blogging again, I may have a new project on my hands.  With the amount of fruit and veggies we add to our lunches each week, it might be more advantageous to actually grow my own.  Even with sales, a garden is likely to provide a lot more of what we want and be more available than yet another run to the grocery store.

Today's adult lunchable features:

White Cheddar Cheese (1.5 oz., 150 cal.)

Rotisserie chicken pieces (2 oz., 60 cal.)

Cherry tomatoes (10 tomatoes, 30 calories)

Cucumber slices (1/2 cup, 10 cal.)


Total calories for the box are approximately 250 cal.

For costs, the cheese was around $1.00 or so.  We may start buying the regular cheese instead of deli cheeses to see how that affects the costs.  The chicken runs about $0.87, purchased on sale of course.. The tomatoes were about $0.075 each, so $0.75 for the 10 of them.   I've been calling the cucumber about $0.25.  Total box cost is around $2.87 today, but it was worth it for the cheese and pitas.

This box is an EasyLunchboxes Snack Box again.  They are available on Amazon for $12 for a 4-pack. 

Now about that gardening!  I realized that with things like cucumbers and tomatoes, I totally need to start growing my own. 

Back to the Roots offered to send me an organic raised bed gardening kit to see if I am capable of doing this.  Living in Colorado, our soil is not awesome in my yard, so I'm really intrigued about the idea of raised bed garden with much better soil.  I also love the idea of being able to move the gardening kit around based on where the sun is in our yard, along with keeping it closer to the hose bib for easier watering.  

My kit came with a grey movable garden bed, soil, plant food, and 6 seed packets (the four shown were my "lunchbox" picks).  So we will see how my summer goes and if I'm actually able to have yummy veggies for lunches later in the back to school season.  Cross your fingers that I have somehow developed a green thumb over the years.