Leftovers to Adult Lunchables

After a little time away, lunches are kind of based on what we might have leftover, so they get a little interesting.  Grocery shopping is on my agenda, but I had to wait till today to see what the new sales are.  I grabbed just a couple things (strawberries being one of them) earlier in the week, but wanted to wait and see what else we needed.

Today's adult lunchable features:

Bacon ranch pasta salad (1/2 cup, 200 cal.)

Pork Shu Mai Dumplings from Trader Joe's (2 shu mai, 116 cal.)

Strawberry slices (3 oz., 28 cal.)


Box total calories are approximately 360 cal.

For total costs, the shu mai run about $0.39 each, so $0.78 for two.  I have a Trader Joe's frozen appetizer problem, so you'll likely see some interesting ones when they are   The strawberries were $3.99 for a 2lb container, so $0.37 for those.  I've estimated the salad around $0.75 as I made a larger portion of it and divided it between lunches and dinners.  Total cost would be about $1.90.

This lunch is packed in a Paperchase bento box that I've had for years.  These 3 Sprouts Bento Boxes on Amazon have a fairly similar layout to them, but the Paperchase one has removable containers which I kind of like.  This way it's much easier to heat up the shu mai.

The little green bear is actually a teeny tiny fork.  It makes moving the food a bit easier and it's really cute.  If you're interested in those, it's very similar to these animal fork picks on Amazon for about $5.