Top 10 Bento Posts of 2011

I did this on my personal blog and liked it so much that I had to do it here as well.

For statistical purposes, I am doing just posts, not post tags (the What's for Lunch Wednesday and EasyLunchboxes tags are in the top several), or my media page and profile, or, obviously, coming in on the main site.

#1 - The Kids Cook Monday - Macaroni & Cheese Muffins - This was featured on TipJunkie plus pinned on Pinterest quite a bit.

#2 VeggieTales for Faith - The folks at VeggieTales featured it too, which is probably how it got the #2 slot.

VeggieTales Bento Veggie Tales EasyLunchboxes

#3 Pita Tacos for Faith - I have *no* clue how this is number 3, it's not the most exciting bento by far.

#4 Yo Ho Ho Ho, A Pirate's Lunch for Ben - A long time favorite of mine!

#5 Monday, Monday Bento - Another seemingly plain bento that cracked the top 5!

#6 A New Disney Bento with Phineas & Ferb - One of the series of bentos I made for Disney online!

#7 The Kids Cook Monday - Faith's Favorite Pork Chops - A recipe post, featuring Faith's all-time favorite meal recipes--creamy ranch pork chops with maple carrots

#8 Halloween Bat Bento - I do love my Halloween bento supplies, and we were finally moved in and *not* making hotel bentos!

#9 11 Zucchini Ideas from F&B's taste tested collection - Summer zucchini ideas, approved by my little chefs

#10 Arrrrr Matey, and I'm live on Disney - My first Disney post, for Pirates of the Caribbean

And if you're curious, my top 10 personal blog posts are right here. Apparently, everyone finds our possum story hilarious. ;o)


  1. What a great round-up! Certainly hope to be in your Top 10 in 2012 :)

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  2. I think the plain ones can be popular because they're simple enough for someone to say, "Yes, I can do that!"


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