Two New LunchPunch Bentos

We've loved our LunchPunches for awhile now and use them for quick sandwich decoration fairly often. Now, we've got two more packs to play with--the Vrrrm set, which is transportation themed (airplane, car, train & car, truck & cargo) and the Sweet set, which features a cupcake, birthday cake, ice cream cones and a gum ball machine.

F&B picked a favorite for a lunch so we could showcase the new designs.  All I need now is the Whimsical shapes and I'm set!

Both kids had the exact same lunch, just with different patterns.  They each had a turkey and cheese sandwich on 12 grain bread, cut with a LunchPunch.  Ben opted for the airplane pattern from the Vroom set and Faith had the ice cream cones from the Sweet set.  Hers actually cut into two separate sandwiches.  I added a cheese airplane to Ben's to make the design more pronounced.  For side dishes, both kids had carrots, grapes and two strawberry cake balls I made the other day.

It's packed in our Easy Lunchboxes (also available on Amazon).  The ELB should be back in stock on Amazon any day now!  Pair up a set with the new Mini Dippers or with one of the LunchPunches and you'll even end up with free shipping, and everything you need for lunch!


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