Monday, September 17, 2012

Two New LunchPunch Bentos

We've loved our LunchPunches for awhile now and use them for quick sandwich decoration fairly often. Now, we've got two more packs to play with--the Vrrrm set, which is transportation themed (airplane, car, train & car, truck & cargo) and the Sweet set, which features a cupcake, birthday cake, ice cream cones and a gum ball machine.

F&B picked a favorite for a lunch so we could showcase the new designs.  All I need now is the Whimsical shapes and I'm set!

Both kids had the exact same lunch, just with different patterns.  They each had a turkey and cheese sandwich on 12 grain bread, cut with a LunchPunch.  Ben opted for the airplane pattern from the Vroom set and Faith had the ice cream cones from the Sweet set.  Hers actually cut into two separate sandwiches.  I added a cheese airplane to Ben's to make the design more pronounced.  For side dishes, both kids had carrots, grapes and two strawberry cake balls I made the other day.

It's packed in our Easy Lunchboxes (also available on Amazon).  The ELB should be back in stock on Amazon any day now!  Pair up a set with the new Mini Dippers or with one of the LunchPunches and you'll even end up with free shipping, and everything you need for lunch!

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