Top 10 Bento Posts of 2012

I did this last year and loved looking to see what posts were popular on the blog.  Of course, with a 5 year old blog, they weren't all posts from that given year.  Some old posts have resurfaced (thanks to Pinterest especially) which is always nice to see, since a few of those are my favorites as well.

On top the top 10!

#1 - The Cutest Easter Eggs Ever - a preschool bento of Ben's from March 2010

#2 - The Kids Cook Monday: Macaroni and Cheese Muffins - This was #1 last year and still a really popular post.

#3 - Bento Desserts Part 4: Homemade Granola Bars - Another older post that has gone up quite a bit in the rankings, and it is an awesome granola bar recipe.  It's also safe for schools with no PB whatsoever!

#4 - Yo Ho Yo Ho, A Pirate Bento for Ben - This is one of my all time favorite bentos ever, and who doesn't like pirates?  I've replicated it too, for Ben and for Disney!

#5 - Freezer Meal Extravaganza: 14 Ready to Go Meals - Finally an actual post from 2012!  I got on a freezer cooking kick in August and a friend asked me to blog it so she could get a list of the recipes.  So I did!

#6 - Spaghetti & Meatball Cupcakes - Another yummy recipe and these are adorable too.  Noodles, some egg, parmesan, etc, make a baked spaghetti cupcake, topped with tomato sauce "icing" and a meatball for the cherry on top.

#7 - Feeding My Husband: Another Week, Another Lunch - I have no idea how or why this bento cracked the top 10. It's a kind of boring husband lunch--egg salad wrap, salad, fruits, etc, and a not-so-good picture.

#8 {tie} - 11 Zucchini Ideas from F&B's Taste-Tested Collection - A good compilation of some of the kids' favorite zucchini recipes, from side dishes to desserts!

#8 {tie} - Angry Birds Memorial Day Bento - Everyone loves Angry Birds, especially my boy!

#9 - The Kids Cook Monday: Ben's Taco Muffins - And yet another recipe, this time featuring my cute little guy making taco muffins for lunch entrees.  These are also great for using out leftover taco meat.

#10  - A Valentine's Bento, One Day Early - A cute VDay idea for the kids, with simple cutouts, carrot hearts, yogurt with sprinkles and fruits.

And with that, we'll see what next year brings us! I love seeing what posts get people's eyes.


  1. Love the top 10! It's so fun to see what gets the most attention :D


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