Extra Cute, Extra Easy Panda Bento Lunch

With back-to-school posts being a big item in August, I wanted to be sure to feature some easy to make lunches!

While I adore things like the Disney series I did a few years ago, they just aren't practical for daily lunches.   Most days are much more simple than that.  The post below?  This is a more-typical lunch that is still quite cute without crazy amounts of work or special tools to make, just one cute cookie cutter and a few cute food picks.

This lunch features a chicken salad sandwich on whole wheat, topped with a panda cheese cutout.  This one is made with a CutezCute cutter, a favorite of mine.  Dollar stores, craft stores, etc, have tons of cute, inexpensive cutters.

To the right, there are veggie straws and strawberries/raspberries, accented with a couple of panda food picks.  Check out cupcake picks at the dollar stores or craft stores also for ones that match your favorite lunch themes.

How long did this take?  Only an extra 30 seconds, if that, to cut out the panda and add the food picks. Finding the panda picks probably took me longer, but I own a scary amount of decorative picks.

Not pictured, lunch included yogurt and an apple for snacks, but those did not have pandas on them.

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