Lunchable-Style Bento Lunch or Snack

The Wonder Woman box I shared last week?  I actually have a few in that style from Tupperware because it really is an awesome little box.

It also makes the great option for a homemade lunchable if you just add a few square silicone cups to make compartments.

In this lunch, I made a quick snack-style option for my girl when she had just an afternoon class.  She goes in around 12:30, is done by 2, but I pick her up at 3 to take her to concert band rehearsal, so she needs a quick snack.  She took chunks of cheese--Monterey Jack and cheddar, some pepperoni slices, some crackers, and one almond poppyseed muffin.

I divided the box with four Wilton square silicone cups, then added applesauce pouch to her bag.  Super quick and easy, and both my kids prefer this type of cheese to the odd sliced one in the premade version.