Back to School Bento Lunch

Once upon a time, I started this blog, in order to catalog the lunches I made for my daughter for a friend of mine who wanted to see them.  Our kids had just started kindergarten that year and I was worried that mine might not have enough time to eat.

A whole lot of years later, and today is the first day of senior year for that kindergartener.  She will graduate high school this year as well as earn her associate's degree.  But she still needs lunch, so I had to pack favorites for her.

In this lunch, I stuck with the tried and true.  We had a great herb, garlic, and wine chicken the other night, and only had a little bit leftover.  It was perfect to grind up into a chicken salad for Faith.  We were out of the crackers she prefers, so I cut up some whole wheat pitas and added a spoon so she could scoop it together.

To the right, she has strawberries, as well as a yogurt and strawberry granola bar.  I've come to realize that she still doesn't eat all that much more than she did in kindergarten, so it's better just to send along the right portions to start.

Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes.

If you promise not to judge my horrid early blog photography skills, this was Faith's very first day of school lunch in kindergarten.  Kind of feeling the urge to recreate it.


  1. Thanks for sharing your very first blog! My very first post was pretty sad-looking, too. It took me way too long to figure out how to take a remotely appetizing photo of my food. What do you think the future of your blog is when they graduate?

    1. Feed my husband? LOL, I haven't decided yet. Maybe less lunches and more cute food ideas?


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