30 Lunch Ideas to Put in Your EasyLunchboxes

What can you put in an Easy Lunchbox?  Pretty much anything!

We typically use ours in the most standard way.  The largest compartment holds the main course, the middle one holds fruit, the smallest holds a second fruit/veggie or a small treat.

Picking fruits and veggies are the easy part.  Does your child like it?  If yes, then cut it to fit in your box.  Add a veggie or a sweet or a second fruit, and you've got two compartments full!  But what about the main course?  After awhile, everyone gets tired of eating the same things.
Here are 30 ideas for foods you can put in your Easy Lunchboxes:
  1. Sandwiches! So many possibilities and ingredients and shapes!
  2. Bagels & cream cheese, then add a boiled egg for extra protein
  3. Wraps with all sorts of fillings
  4. Chef salad, add your favorite meats, cheeses, and dressing in a side container
  5. Cold pasta salad with meat & veggies
  6. Deconstructed tuna/chicken/egg salad with crackers or croissants
  7. Meatballs with dipping sauce - my two like BBQ the best
  8. Bistro boxes with cheeses, hummus, pitas, veggies, and fruits
  9. Corndog muffins or other stuffed muffins
  10. Make your own pizza lunchable
  11. Leftover taquitos/rolled tacos with queso or salsa
  12. Buffalo chicken bites (or other flavors)
  13. Fried chicken drumsticks - are we the only ones who love these cold?
  14. Beef burritos or tacos with salsa
  15. Breakfast for lunch - croissants or crumpets with jam, fruits, an egg, etc

  16. Cheeseburger bites or other mini appetizers
  17. Homemade lunchables - much more filling when you can add extra food
  18. Cheesy tuna puffs (recipe included)
  19. Chicken wings with ranch to dip
  20. Leftover pizza, homemade or takeout
  21. Spaghetti & meatball cupcakes with garlic bread
  22. Pancake & sausage puffs, don't forget the maple syrup!
  23. Waffle-wiches, cream cheese and jam between mini waffles, definitely a favorite
  24. Mini quiches, ham & cheese are our top choice 
  25. Popcorn shrimp with pasta salad 
  26. Sushi, just make sure you load up the ice packs to keep it cold
  27. Waffle dippers or waffle sticks - toast in the morning while you're eating breakfast
  28. Mini corndogs, add ketchup for a dip
  29. Quesadillas, we use leftovers to fill ours
  30. Random leftovers - yes, sometimes it happens!
Still want even more ideas?  Use the EASYLUNCHBOXES tag on any of those posts to view all our lunches packed in Easy Lunchboxes.

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