Five Easy Halloween Bentos You Can Make!

We love Halloween at our house and Halloween foods just make it better!

We've had kind of a busy fall, so this week is going to be all about the Halloween bento lunches and other foods.  I've already made my favorite pumpkin bread and fluffy pumpkin dip.  There will also be mummy dogs at some point and, of course, mummy pizzas!  As for lunches, here are Five Favorite Easy Halloween Bentos You Can Still Make!

Check out your dollar shop for cupcake picks (mine has 30 picks and 30 cupcake wrappers for $1), along with inexpensive cookie cutters. I bought a large bag of plastic ones about 10 years ago that are still going strong for sandwich shapes.  Several stores sell candy eyes as well, check out your local grocery in the cake decorating supplies, as well as Walmart or craft store.  One pack will last a very long time.

This Mummy Bento Lunch is one of my favorite Halloween designs.  It doesn't require any special tools but a sharp knife to slice the cheese to make the wrappings.  While I used candy eyes, you could make your own with cheese circles and a small bit of cucumber peel or similar dark veggie.  Candy corn colored sprinkles add a cute topping to the yogurt too.

This Spooky Haunted House Bento Lunch is one of my older posts (2010, if you can believe that) and consistently comes up as a popular post when I look at statistics.  I still love it.  The haunted house was a cookie cutter and I just used a sharp knife to add the windows and door.  An extra little bat cut out makes it more haunted and some carrot sticks made a rickety fence.  The picks in the right compartments were from the dollar store a long time ago, but they still sell various ones!

This Easy Halloween Bento Lunch was a challenge lunch, to create a Halloween bento others could make!  The pumpkin shaped sandwich is a cookie cutter, but you could easily cut a rough circle and stem with a knife.  I added the little triangles to make the face.  Food safe markers decorated the clementine and a bit of gauze turned our yogurt into a mummy!  That trick works with juice boxes too.

I love making mummy dogs with the kids; it's one of our favorite Halloween traditions.  This Mummy Dog Bento Lunch uses some of our leftovers to take the mummy dog on the road.   Just wrap sausage or hot dogs in crescent roll dough, then bake them!  We add eyes with dots of ketchup or mustard at home, but eye picks worked a bit better for travel.

No Halloween is complete for us without at least one Zombie Themed Bento Lunch!  Oddly, I own two coffin shaped cookie cutters, but if you don't, the coffin on the right would be super simple to cut with just a knife and straight lines.  We saved a fun hand zombie pick from cupcakes for one and used letter cutters to decorate the other.  The orange has a Halloween cupcake ring on top and a couple of candy eyes decorate the cookies.

What are your favorite Halloween ideas for lunches?