Five Cute Easy Sandwiches You Can Make

School is starting soon and this means it's almost time for lunches again!

While I adore cute food, I also adore cute EASY food.  And I totally understand that buying a collection of tools just to make those cute lunches aren't always in a parent's budget. These ideas involve kitchen tools like knives or scissors and/or basic cookie cutters like circles or hearts that most people already have.  Check out these five cute and easy sandwiches you can make yourself.

#1 - Easy Fish Sandwich

This cute little fish requires bread rounds as a base, heart and circle cookie cutters, and a few colors of cheese to give it some decoration.

#2 - Bear Face Sandwich

Sometimes your bread has a great shape that leads to a perfect sandwich.  The outline of this bear uses the natural shape of the sandwich bread, circle cutters, and some kitchen scissors to finish out the mouth.

#3 - Penguin Sandwich

This penguin could also be an owl, an Angry Bird, or other flying critters. It's also a great idea as a base for animals that have muzzles (dogs, cats, bears, and more).  Use a circle cutter to flip bread rounds for detail and add sugar eyes for a little treat.

#4 - Snail Roll Ups

I used PB&J to make these stick well, but you could definitely use ham and cheese or something similar.  Just use some cream cheese to make it stick and add pretzels for the antenna.

#5 - Captain America Shield Sandwich

Do you have an Avengers fan?  Our Captain America sandwich only needs bread rounds, circle cutters, and a small star!

Even with all my kitchen tools, my favorite ideas seem to be the simplest, and these five cute sandwich ideas should definitely help get you started!