How to Pack Disposable Bento Lunches

You know you're going to get that note from school at some point this year.

It's field trip time! Please send a few dollars and a disposable lunch with your child.  The problem for me is that I don't typically have disposable containers.  I use washable containers for everything in my fridge which limits my options.

So what does your typical lunch packing mom who uses bento boxes do?  Use recyclable or other containers and make a disposable bento lunch.

If you know the field trip is coming up, save containers that you can reuse.  Hand wash and dry whatever you have, taking care to choose ones that help edible foods (there's no version of this where one is going to want to use raw meat containers).

Berry containers can easily hold cut sandwiches and paper muffin wrappers separate the fruit. Don't forget doodling on the paper bags.

Salads from the deli come in containers that can be washed and reused.  Tin foil makes a good temporary liner for containers that have air holes.

Styrofoam take out containers occasionally have their use too!

For a little decoration, try making your own disposable food picks with cardstock, stickers, and regular toothpicks.

Lunchmeat containers seal well too and hold more than you'd think!

Need more field trip ideas?  Check out our DISPOSABLE tag for more ideas, containers, and food on the go.


  1. I never thought of using a berry container, but now that I think of it it would be perfect! I have a few catering containers (the sturdy plastic kind with lids) that I've taken home from work events and kept, that would theoretically be disposable but they seem too nice to throw out so I wouldn't unless I had to. But a berry container is another story.


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