Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ben's Second to Last Week of School Lunches (May 18 & 20)

Just playing catch up from the last couple of weeks. Faith & I were officially finished with school by the time these lunches rolled around, so only Mr. Ben needed bentos. He was not exactly thrilled that he still had to go to school while we were done, but oh well. I paid for it, he was going.

Monday, May 18 - Ben had a corndog muffin, cheese cubes, a few pretzels, grapes, some teddy bear cookies & some yogos. I'm thinking this could have used more fruit, but I was out of it at the time.

Wednesday, May 20 - Ben had a sliced boiled egg, a mini raisin bagel with strawberry cream cheese, two mini chocolate chip cookies, strawberries and blueberries, and a container of yogurt (not shown).

Monday, May 18, 2009

Another just Ben Wednesday

It was just the boy & I this morning, Faith is already off school, so Ben and I headed out on our own. He had preschool, I had many many meetings. Ben did stop in for breakfast with the faculty at 8:30, his school starts next door at 9. Basically, he sat, ate a bagel and tried to make sure no one looked at him. Such a Ben moment.

For lunch, we went with leftover hommade BBQ pizza. He actually had three very narrow slices of it, easier for him to pick up and for me to pack. He also had cubes of cheese, carrot sticks, some sort of teddy bear graham cookies and grapes. He ate everything and came & ate more during my last meeting after his school.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ben's Monday Masterpiece

Monday was simply an awards' ceremony for Miss Faith as she is officially a 2nd grader in the fall! However, Mr. Ben still has a couple of weeks left of school. Given the choice, he'd already be staying at home with his sister, but he's not being given the choice (I do have to *pay* for his school and he is darn well going to it). He got to come have breakfast with my fourth graders first so that seemed to start his day well.

For lunch, he had pasta salad with a couple of ham & cheese kebabs, a granola bar, lots of grapes and strawberries. I didn't overpack because he had breakfast at home, breakfast #2 with my fourth graders, and breakfast #3 was muffins with mom at his school. I'm kind of surprised he had *any* room for lunch after that!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Backdating - Wednesday, April 29

Backdating again! I forgot I had these from the last week of April. It was a leftover Wednesday fest! We actually had taken the kiddos to Applebees on Tuesday afternoon and I realized that their leftovers were perfect for bentos the next day. Of course, they had two different meals, so they had two semi-different bentos.

Faith had a mini cheeseburger (I added the SS pick for her), carrots, grapes and koala cookies, plus a container of yogurt.

Ben had some leftover chicken strips, cheese cubes, grapes and koala cookies, plus a container of yogurt.

And I had the pleasure of not having to throw out the leftovers!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Backdating - Monday, April 27th

Oops! Got a little distracted and behind the last couple of weeks. We actually just finished school for Faith & I (Ben has a couple of more weeks at his preschool), so between life & final grading, etc, it got a little busy.

This past week, Faith had hot lunches and Ben had a swine-flu-break at school (which was bad for me as I had to figure out childcare options, so not fun). These lunches are from two weeks ago. We had a round of matching Monday, of course!

We had leftover macaroni & cheese, so I turned that into a pasta salad with lots of ham (yum!). They also had pineapples, big purple grapes, some granola bar, and a side container of vanilla yogurt (not pictured). Faith "loves" pasta salad and Ben likes macaroni in his lunch, yay!

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