Friday, July 25, 2008

Baseball & Bentos

We are finally home! We never did do bentos in Canada but on the plus side, I never had to prepare meals either, so frankly I still came out on top! ;o)

Friday nights are church league softball for Shaun & I. We are sick of having to eat after the games because no one wants to eat at 9pm or later, so I decided that the kids could take bentos with them to picnic while we played. We did buy some new cookie cutters in Canada, so F&B were up for me making cute sandwiches again.

They both had the same thing--ham, cheese & cream cheese sandwiches (Faith's are teapots & cups, Ben's are trains & boats), some goldfish pretzels, strawberry koala cookies, and grape & canteloupe kebabs (although that is the palest canteloupe I have seen in a long time, shouldn't it be orange???).

Thursday, July 10, 2008

In Canada!

F&B and I are in Canada for a couple of weeks.

I've got several cute bentos to bring back to Texas for my niece and a few of my gfs' kids--Dora, Diego, Strawberry Shortcake and Spongebob.

The summer bento hiatus is almost over. We'll all be back to school in August, including me. Faith will be in first grade, Ben starts preschool and I'll be teaching again, 4th Grade!

There may be bentos in Canada, but no promises. If someone else wants to feed the kids, I'm not going to be objecting.

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