Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Preschool Snack Bento #30 - Brownie Hearts & Fruits, of course

This really wasn't one of our more exciting bentos, in that it required very little work on my part. It's just food I already had on hand, a knife and a cookie cutter, but it made the boy happy! We had had a bigger lunch before preschool, so he needed more of a snack and less of a small meal.

Ben had a homemade brownie heart (Why does the top layer flake off brownies anyhow? This looked better before I tried to put it into the bento!) and some canteloupe and grapes. We are out of watermelon and I can't keep up with the fruit demands in this house. Seriously, the other day, the two of them ate a lb of grapes in one sitting and they can easily devour half a canteloupe at once. I need a garden out back, I think.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Preschool Snack Bento #29 - Quick Flower Crackers & Grapes

Faith had an orthopedic visit this morning (again, refer back to my regular blog for the details, short story is she has 2 broken legs & a broken arm because she fell over our second floor balcony). The 8:45 appt ended up getting us home around noon, so I had to throw together a quick little bento lunch/snack for Mr. Ben, then head right back out to preschool.

Thankfully, I have been to the grocery store as of late and had some food options!

Mr. Ben had some ham and cheese flowers on veggie crackers and sliced green grapes. I was very happy to find grapes for only $2/lb, so we were finally able to get some. As much as F&B love grapes, I have trouble paying $3+ per lb. Ben was quite happy with his snack and told me that he likes the little lunches but he needed a treat to go with it. ;o) I promised him we'd make some mini-muffins or cupcakes this week.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Preschool Snack Bento #28 - We've got watermelon!

This is actually our one & only bento snack for the week.

Want to know why? It's all here. Ben's actually been with my ILs most of the week, so Grandma took him to preschool on Wednesday and it snowed in Dallas on Thursday.

Needless to say, both kids have been wanting watermelon all winter. I thought it was rather pricey until this week, so when I found it on sale, we got some! Ben had an entire half side of his bento with just watermelon, then the other side has a couple of pepperoni & cheese kebabs and some veggie crackers underneath.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Preschool Snack Bento #27 - Almost a Pizza Pocket

It was close, but someone ate the pepperonis while I was making said bento. I originally was going to stuff the mini pitas with basil/tomato cream cheese & pepperonis, then add shredded cheese on top. However, the lack of pepperoni and the late hour meant immediate substitutions.

Mr. Ben still had his mini pitas stuffed with tomato-basil cream cheese, but he had chunks of mozzarella to go with it and some grapes. Less than exciting, imho, but he was happy with it.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Preschool Snack Bento #26 - Monday's Melons, & Muffins, & Mickey, Oh My!

It's alliteration Monday! ;o) I like alliteration. And honestly, it's not always easy to come up with alliterative bentos. This one wasn't even on purpose, which makes it that much more amusing.

For preschool, Mr. Ben had two mini muffins that were some sort of raspberry filled coffee cakes along with canteloupe (a few hearts because Mommy loves him) and his very favorite "Peanut" pick. The muffins fit perfectly in the ears of a Mickey shaped box we had which also made Ben happy.

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