Monday, June 29, 2009

A Muffin Tin & a Husband Lunch

We're still lunching at home for the most part, so nothing too exciting here.

We had another Muffin Tin Monday with English muffin pizzas. This is Faith's tin--English muffin halves, sauce, cheese, diced ham and mushrooms. Ben's looked similar but without the mushrooms.

And occasionally, I send my husband food to work. He got spaghetti & meatballs with a side salad and dressing. I do like the Lock & Lock box for him, it works well and holds a lot.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Muffin Tins

We are still enjoying this idea, so we had ourselves another muffin tin Monday.

Faith's theme (which she had to guess) was the number 6, because she is 6 years old:
6 strawberry shaped sandwiches of turkey, cheese & cream cheese
6 carrot sticks in ranch dip
6 animal crackers
6 apricots
6 grapes
6 chunks of cheese

Ben's theme, thus, was the number 3, because he's 3:
3 boat shaped sandwiches
3 animal crackers
3 pieces of cheese
3 crackers
3 apricots
3 grapes
3 blueberries
and a melon pudding, because I ran out of 3 ideas.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A New Take on Bento, the Muffin Tin Meal

Since we are home for the summer, the need to make bentos has been few & far between. It's hard to get on board with handwash-only items when we are eating at the kitchen table.

On my travels around the web, I did find a fun site that talked about Muffin Tin meals. It's similar to a bento concept, I suppose, but in muffin tins--one compartment per item. And muffin tins are dishwasher safe.

We've done it twice already, with themed meals!

Alphabet theme--Apricots, Bananas, Cheese, Donut, Egg, Fish

And a number theme--1 cupcake, 2 carrot sticks, 3 slices of turkey on kebab sticks, 4 pieces of cheese, 5 crackers, 6 chunks of canteloupe

Despite the fact that my children take bentos for school, they were thoroughly impressed by these.

ETA: LINK to Muffin Tin Mondays
ETA2: For my local friends, the muffin tins were from the Dollar Tree by my house, so now $4/tin at Target!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ben's Last Day of School Lunch

The boy finally had his last day of preschool as well last Wednesday. He was less than thrilled with the fact that his sister & I were already finished with school, but he did want to go for bounce house day on the last day.

He had sausage & cheese kebabs, with assorted melon and tortillas & roasted red pepper cream cheese (it's poking out under the kebabs).

For a treat, he had some mini teddy graham type cookies and some yogos.

Silly boy ate the main dish and left the treats!

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