Monday, November 23, 2009

Preschool Snack Bento #19 - Cheesy Pocket Breads & Grapes

This is actually from last Wednesday and nothing too exciting. I asked Ben what he wanted and he told me cheesy bread & grapes. So cheesy bread and grapes it was!

My sweet friend Chrystyna brought Ben some new lunch picks from her trip to California. He now has jungle & sea creature ones. Of course, the "Peanut" one is his favorite. (For those who don't know his elephant obsession, all elephants are named "Peanut".)

On the plus side, he finished the last two mini-pitas which I stuffed with my favorite Monterey Jack & Cheddar spread (these are cracker spreads from Philadelphia cream cheese and sooooooooo yummy) and lots of fresh grapes cut in half because they were huge.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Preschool Snack Bento #18 - Strawberry Pocketbreads & Canteloupe Constellations

Sorry for the delay in posting this week's lunches. I kept thinking that I needed to do it, when I was driving or otherwise not home with the camera card & computer. ;o)

Ben actually didn't have very exciting bento lunch snacks this week. With Thanksgiving coming up, he'll only have one day of school next week, then nothing for another week, so I am trying to use out a few little odds & ends (like the mini pitas) that won't be good by the time he starts back up.

On Monday, he took mini pita breads stuffed with strawberry cream cheese (a favorite of his) and canteloupe cut into moons & stars. Faith has been studying astronomy for school, so we had a lot of fun playing with our canteloupe stars at home before eating them!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Preschool Snack Bento #17 - Grapes, Bunnies & Mommy Overslept!

Wednesday morning, we all overslept, in that no one got up till somewhere between 10 & 11am. Now, granted, Ben does go to preschool at 1pm, but we need to leave our house by 12:30pm. And, we all had to shower, wash hair, dress, eat, etc, and I did not make his bento the night for once. Of course, that happens on the crazy morning of the week.

Anyhow, I started delegating the easy tasks and tossed together a quick bento lunch/snack for the boy.

Ben has crackers with circle of luncheon meat and bunny faces (dabs of cream cheese hold them together) and green grapes. Nothing complicated, but quick & easy!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bento Snack #16 - Ben's Bear Bento Bonanza!

OK, maybe that's a bit much for the alliteration, but it amuses me!

Whilst at the Dollar Tree the other day (the word whilst also amuses me, in case you're curious), we stumbled upon these little bear picks. We were actually looking for a bag for a baby shower gift and they were tucked in the aisle with the party decorations, in the baby party section. Obviously, I'm not hosting any baby showers anytime soon, but I had to have them! There are also pink & lavender ones in our pack, but this is Ben's bento lunch and he is not having any part of pink & lavender teddy bears.

In Ben's bento, we have a plethora of bears--bear shaped sandwiches (I think they are chicken and tomato basil cream cheese), purple & green grapes on bear picks and koala "bear" cookies. Yes, I know koalas aren't really bears, but Ben doesn't know that! ;o)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bento Snack #15 - Bunny Egg & Pocket Sandwiches

Another day of preschool for Mr. Benjamin and another mini bento lunch versus a snack. At least he's consistently hungry. ;o)

Yesterday, he had a bunny shaped egg and pocket sandwiches of tomato-basil cream cheese and pepperonis. Faith tried one as well and said they kind of tasted pizza-like. The mini pita breads have been a huge hit with both kids, I'm almost out and need to get another bag soon.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Preschool Snack Bento #14 - "Fishie" Sandwiches & Halloween Treats

Ben headed back to a regular school schedule after last week, but in honor of Halloween just happening, I thought he needed a little treat in his bento lunch. Out of everything the kiddos brought in from trick-or-treating, I figured M&Ms were the least messy. ;o)

Mr. Ben had two angel-fish shaped sandwiches that were not made with tuna fish! ;o) They were ham & cheese with a sundried tomato & basil cream cheese (which he does not know the composition of, because if I told him, he'd cease eating it). He also had a mini bag of M&Ms that had to go in a heart to look better and some grapes.

As mentioned before, he's only in school 2.5 hours, and they have a very short snack time. Ben just prefers a smaller bento lunch than a true snack.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Redoing the Diego Bento Giveaway!

I posted the winner two weeks ago, but have been unable to make contact with her, via this blog or through hers, and she has no email in her profile.

So since I still have a very lonely little Diego box sitting on my desk, I decided to draw a second number.

The winner is post #19, Kristi! :o)

Kristi, I'll email you or if you see this, email me at scarino @ gmail. :o)

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