Friday, October 31, 2008

Last minute Friday!

I had really good intentions of making Faith a cool Halloween bento for today. However, somewhere along the line, I completely forgot she needed lunch until somewhere around midnight Thursday night. So instead of the aforementioned Halloween bento, she got "whatever food Mommy has laying around" bento. Thankfully, I had some stuff frozen, so it wasn't as sparse as it could have been.

Faith had a mini quiche (I think they are chicken & cheese), goldfish pretzels, panda cookies, grapes and a fruit jelly (not pictured). Not bad for throwing it together in the wee hours of the night!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

And Matching Wednesday too!

Since matching Monday was much easier on me than un-matching days, I opted for a matching Wednesday as well.

We also needed a change of pace, so I decided to make something new for F&B. They (unlike their mother) are fans of the hotdog. I'm more of a fan of identifiable food. However, I sometimes do make things like that to humor them and had recently seen assorted ideas of hotdogs made to look like spooky things for Halloween. Again, still not a fan of the hotdog, but sausage can often be switched with hotdogs for a more palatable experience. So while at Target, we bought sausage and crescent rolls and made little mini wrapped sausages. They were a hit. I had to make more for Shaun (this is apparently where F&B get their affinity for hotdogs).

Aren't these cute? My dad bought them for F&B last year, they have snap down sides like Lock&Locks but much cuter. No built in dividers, so we just used square silicone cups.

Ben has 3 little sausage rolls, half a boiled eggs, thinly sliced carrot sticks, grapes, panda cookies & a yogurt jelly.

Faith has the same exact lunch, except I didn't have to slice her carrots to make sure she doesn't choke.

All in all, a successful lunch and the sausage thingies have been requested again. (Rolling my eyes, btw!)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Matching Monday Lunches

Oops, forgot to post this on Monday, thankfully there is backdating on Blogger!

F&B had no ideas what they wanted for lunch besides eggs, so eggs it was. To make life easier on me, they both got the exact same rest of the lunch.

Both kids have a sliced boiled egg, cheese cubes, ranch Goldfish and grapes. Faith also added a yogurt for snack and a fruit jelly for hers. Ben gets snack through his school.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Say Anything Saturday

We didn't do lunches yesterday because of errands. I picked Faith up at 11, then we ended up meeting Shaun and doing all sorts of other things.

However, I figured I'd leave a post open for questions! I have a bad tendancy not to go back and look for new comments on posts that are no longer on the front page, so I am sure I have missed things along the way.

Anyhow, got a question? Leave it and I'll do a whole post of replies aoon. :o)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

And a Just-Ben Wednesday

Faith is back to school, but it is hot lunch Wednesday and she does want Chik Fil A, so only Ben needs a lunch. I meant to boil him an egg, but it completely slipped my mind last night and by the time I remembered, there wasn't time before my bedtime.

Instead, Ben has cheese and diced chicken breast (that was stolen from Monday night's stir fry), parmesan Goldfish crackers, strawberry koala cookies and diced canteloupe. I'm not sure how much will be eaten, they have a little Fall Festival at his school and they are going to cook pumpkin something in his class.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Just Ben Monday!

Today was parent conference day at our school, so while Ben & I headed off to our respective schools, Faith headed off to my friend Chantel's for a day of fun with her buddy Hannah. And that meant I only had to make one lunch, so I decided to make it easy on me and just give the boy his favorites.

Ben had turkey/ham, cheese & cream cheese sandwiches in transportation shapes, cinnamon Goldfish, canteloupe & grapes, all packed in his Thomas bento. He also had peach yogurt in a small Shinkansen container to complete the vehicular theme. :o)

Friday, October 17, 2008

It's Friday again!

And another edition of meatless Friday at that. For the record, Faith never seems to notice the presence of or lack of meat in her lunches. She's definitely my kid not Shaun's. ;o) If she was his, she'd be holding her fork and demanding beef!

Faith has a boiled egg that was supposed to be shaped like a bear but I bought smaller eggs and now it doesn't have ears. To go with that, she has carrots, cheese, parmesan Goldfish, canteloupe & grapes. She also has a cute little Littlest Pet Shop container that has some chocolate Goldfish and Yogos in it. I forgot to take a picture of it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What's for Wednesday???

Wednesdays are supposed to be hot lunch days, but Miss Faith decided she didn't like the hot lunch choices and Mr. Ben doesn't actually get hot lunches at school. So I got stuck sending two lunches today, what a thrill.

However, it is infinitely helpful if one realizes this information sometime before 11:30pm on Tuesday night on the way to bed. Despite the time crunch, I figured out a plan.

Faith took pasta salad that I added sausage to & cheese strawberries on top, some parmesan Goldfish, some mini vanilla Oreos, grapes & canteloupe, and a mini-banana! Tell me that the mini banana is not the cutest little piece of fruit ever?!?!? (Kroger find, $1.49 for 8 of them)

Ben also got the same pasta salad/sausage combo, but his cheese was shaped like trains, ranch Goldfish, vanilla mini Oreos and canteloupe & grapes. His box didn't fit the mini-banana and he's not always a huge lunch eater, so I left it at that.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Kebabs!

We went out to dinner last night and had a plethora of sausage leftover. My original brilliant plan was to whip up a batch of sausage muffins. However, I had about a million papers to grade, so I did those instead of baking. The kebabs were the next best thing, I suppose. At least I used out some of the sausage!

Ben has sausage & cheese kebabs, half a toasted bagel with honey-almond cream cheese, granola bar bites (OK, really, I just cut up a granola bar so it fit in his box) and grapes

Faith has sausage & cheese kebabs too (note the adorable leaf picks that my friend Heather let me take after the teacher appreciation luncheon at school, I am quite easy to please apparently), half a toasted bagel with honey-almond cream cheese, carrots, grapes and some panda cookies

Friday, October 10, 2008

Finally Friday Lunch!

TGIF! Well, sort of. We have an absolutely crazy weekend going on--volleyball practice & game, wedding & wedding rehearsal, church, softball, two birthday parties. I'm going to be even more insane than normal come Monday. ;o)

Faith finished off assorted groceries for her lunch today. She had turkey & cheese quesadillas, some parmesan Goldfish, baby carrots, grapes and panda cookies. I need to grocery shop soon, but at least we aren't wasting much!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just-for-Ben Wednesday

It's pizza day at Faith's and my school today, so we are having that! Ben, however, still needed a lunch, so I made him a quick one with all his favorite things.

Ben has faux sushi sandwiches with turkey & cheese, ranch Goldfish (may I add, ICK! He picked them), chocolate panda cookies and many many grapes.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Back to lunch Monday!

We're back! My parents were here for Faith's birthday, so except for the two full school days (Monday/Wednesday), we haven't been bento-ing. Friday, we picked her up earlier than normal to have one last lunch as my parents left Saturday morning.

As a side note, we gave Strawberry Shortcake bentos as favor boxes for Faith's birthday party and they seem to have went over quite well! :o)

But back to today's lunch. We're sick of quiches, we're out of bourek, I didn't feel like making sandwiches and strombolis were more work than I wanted to do last night. So I made a quick batch of pasta salad for F&B which is always a hit.

Ben has pasta salad with turkey stars and cheese moons, grapes and cinnamon Goldfish. The box is a really cute Elmo one that I always forget we have, but it works perfect for this.

Faith has pasta salad with turkey & cheese hearts, carrots with ranch dip, grapes & a strawberry, and chocolate chip cookies. It's in her two tier Hello Kitty box that she has been bugging me about too. ;o)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wednesday Ben's All-He-Can-Eat Lunch

Yesterday, Ben spent the better part of the day outside. First he helped my dad with yardwork, then he spent a few hours in the pool. He promptly fell asleep on the ottoman around 5pm. We attempted to wake him up for dinner but after much crying and fit throwing and him asking us to put him to bed, he went down for the night around 7pm without food. (Lest you think I am mean, we offered him everything possible to get him to eat, he refused.) Needless to say, he needed a more solid lunch today since he is quite the starving child after skipping one dinner.

He took turkey & cheese quesadillas, parmesan Goldfish crackers, chocolate koala cookies, vanilla yogurt with blueberries and grapes. He also ate 3 bowls of cereal for breakfast and 3 helpings of roast chicken & potatoes for dinner. I think he made up for missing his meal.

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